Let’s fight mosquitoes! NATURALLY! ?

Let's fight mosquitoes

Nurme sääskede vastu looduslik



With the arrival of warmer summer weather, annoying bloodsuckers also appear – MOSQUITOES! Did you know that by using essential oils, you can keep annoying insects away?! Add a few drops of essential oil into your body cream or use some in an aroma lamp or, even better, make yourself a natural mosquito repellent!


We will share the recipe with you:

Base oil 100 ml

(For example take, 20 ml of castor oil and add 80 ml of any other base oil of your choice)

(sweet almond oil, avocado oil, etc.)

?Then add essential oils to the mixture:
9 drops of lemongrass

6 drops of citronella

6 drops of tea tree

3 drops of lavender

6 drops of rosemary

Nurme eeterlikud õlidPrepare the mosquito repellent mixture in a spray bottle, so it’s convenient to carry it everywhere and spray again if necessary! Easy! And NATURAL! ? You can find everything you need to make the mixture in our e-shop


And if any mosquitoes still get to you and you discover mosquito bumps, put some Nurme Cosmetics coconut oil on them. 100% fractionated coconut oil has antibacterial effect and relieves itching, swelling, and inflammation ? Tea tree oil is also one of the few essential oils that can be applied directly to the skin and quickly relieve itching and redness.

Let’s enjoy summer, not mosquitoes!