Are Nurme Cosmetics shampoos suitable for washing unprocessed and / or curly hair?

All Nurme Cosmetics shampoos have pure ingredients, do not contain silicones, parabens or synthetic fragrances or dyes. Therefore, they are also ideal for uncolored and / or curly hair. If necessary, we recommend using Nurme hair conditioners. Nurme shampoos / conditioners are also suitable for use by children. As shampoos / conditioners contain essential oils, we recommend that babies use an odorless baby shampoo specially developed for babies.

How to wash your hair with a shampoo bar??
When washing your hair with any any shampoo bar, it is essential to remember that it is very important to have rich foam. The foam is what washes the soap residue from the hair and what removes the grease from your hair. We definitely recommend washing your hair twice.
Wet the hair, rub the solid shampoo between your hands to make foam and apply it to the hair. Then rinse and repeat. The second wash should already produce a very rich lather of foam and the hair will be clean. Use hair conditioner if desired.
What is the return policy?

All products purchased from Nurme Cosmetics e-shop have a 14-day return policy.

How to use essential oils?

The use of essential oils is very wide – they can be used in aroma lamps / diffusers for room scenting and / or aromatherapy, added to bath water, in a massage oil, creams, etc. You can read a comprehensive overview of the use and effects of essential oils in our blog post – What is essential oil and how to use it?