As a socially responsible company, Nurme contributes to the development of society and supports projects that are primarily related to sports, education, business or culture. If you are also organizing an event, please read our sponsorship principles and goals. Please send the sponsorship application at least 1 month before the event. Applications should be submitted in writing to info@nurmearabia.com

When reviewing applications, we consider the following:

  • The application has been submitted after careful consideration, taking into account Nurme’s interests
  • The application is addressed only to Nurme
  • The application contains a short and informative introduction of the project
  • The application contains specific proposals for cooperations
  • The application states the exact expectations and volumes
  • The application sets out Nurme’s plan to present itself as a sponsor
  • The application shall be submitted with sufficient notice
  • Based on Nurme’s sponsorship principles, we do not support individuals or events with a political or religious background.

The amount of support depends on the purpose of the specific project and Nurme’s current opportunities. Nurme generally does not make financial support, we support it with products or gift cards as much as possible.

What we expect from a sponsor applicant:

  • We contribute our products, knowledge, skills or time, in return we want a good reputation
  • We follow mutual general marketing goals
  • We consider the number of contacts important
  • The interests of the partner must correspond to our image, values, attitudes of the target group, lifestyle
  • Distinction from co-sponsorships
  • Bilateral desire to contribute in essence