Illuminating Peat Water with 24K Gold 50ml


100% pure peat water enriched with 24-karat gold. Normalizes skin pH. Moisturizes, smooths fine lines, and increases skin elasticity. Gold ions accelerate the metabolism of skin cells and reduce the skin’s susceptibility to inflammation and allergies, thus aiding in the regeneration of skin tissues. Lightens dark spots. Reduces redness and minimizes pores. Refreshes, tones, and gives the skin a beautiful golden glow. Oil-free. Can be sprayed on clothes and hair too. Contains mineral pigments. Shake well before use.

100% natural

Temporarily in a beautiful plastic bottle!

  • Moisturizes, smooths fine lines, and increases skin elasticity
  • Accelerates the metabolism of skin cells
  • Reduces the skin’s susceptibility to inflammations and allergies
  • Reduces redness and minimizes pores
  • Refreshes, tones, and gives the skin a beautiful golden glow
  • Restores normal pH

APPLICATION: This is a 100% natural product containing genuine gold and golden pigments in peat water, which on one hand cares for the skin and on the other adds a wonderful golden glow to the skin and hair. Use as a toner with a cotton pad or spray directly onto the skin in the mornings and evenings. To highlight the golden glow, spray the product from about 50cm away onto the skin, hair, and clothes. Let the particles fall and avoid rubbing. The oil-free, ultra-light formula allows the product to be used on skin, hair, and clothes. Apply as much and as often as needed without restrictions. This product is a valuable find for brides who wish to surround themselves with a gentle golden hue without fearing oil drips on their dress. The behavior of golden pigments on different types of fabrics varies. For white clothes and bridal gowns, be sure to shake the product very well before use and apply cautiously.

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Ingredients: Peat water, Mica, Cl 77891, Cl 77491, 24K Gold