Heidit’s beauty story: Wash your hair or cream your body?

Heidit's beauty story: Wash your hear or cream your body?

In the Estonian Women’s Beauty Blog, Heidit Kaio tried Nurme Cosmetics sea buckthorn-orange collection: soap, body cream and body milk. Read more about how she liked them.

“Probably many of you have found yourself in isolation wondering whether to wash your hair today or could it wait until tomorrow. But for me, as a daily runner and a shower taker, taking care of my body is more serious.

This time I’m focusing on Estonian manufacturer, Nurme Cosmetics products, such as body scrub, body soap, and body milk. Võiksite õigustatult küsida, miks peaks keha eest hoolitsema kreemide, koorijate, maskide ja muuga? You could rightly ask why is it necessary to take care of your body with scrubs, creams, masks, and more? There’s an easy answer – to help keep your skin supple.

Secondly, a 21st-century woman’s right and joy is to have good contact with herself. Skin against skin. A well-kept body gives you joy. It’s worth a few weeks of effort to get that feeling, and when you’re done, you’ll hardly give up.

 Silky soap and granular exfoliator

Nurme seep astelpajuI have used shower gels and soaps minimally, fearing that they will dry out my skin too much. At the same time, I have been worried that as I am a regular body cream user, from time to time I should wash off the cream residue more thoroughly. It turns out that there was no reason for my fear of soap. Sea buckthorn and orange soap does not dry out the skin at all.

Why is it important to wash your body with soap from time to time? Because wrinkles occur when dirt particles begin to accumulate at the bottom of the grooves aka wrinkles. The more micro-waste, the wider the ditch it creates. Garbage accumulates and the furrow deepens. Therefore, it is good to scrub your body from time to time with a granular exfoliator. There is no need to use soap on that day because the exfoliator does the same job, but even more powerfully.

So on the menu, I have the Nurme Comsetics sea buckthorn and orange exfoliator. I have used exfoliators from several manufacturers and I would say that this product has a fairly strong effect, although it is an organic product. Therefore, it is well suited for those who have not used an exfoliator before. For people that are frequent exfoliator users, I recommend using this product once a week or every two weeks. This way the product will also last you a long time.


Nurme kehakreem astelpaju I remember that when I was younger, I considered body lotions a waste of money – the body surface is large and even for a microscopic creature like me, it takes time to spread it all over the body. Nowadays, however, body creaming is as important as facial care, which means that I have a lot of experience with body lotions and creams.

I can confideńtaly assure that,  say that the effect of Nurme Cosmetics body milk is as awesome as top tier foreign products. On the plus side, Nurme Cosmetics products are also organic and are good for me and the nature. At the same time, they have a good value for money.

And one more thing, that maybe I should have started with – sea buckthorn-orange products smell wonderful. “

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