Rough soles and cracked heels?

Rough soles and cracked heels

In the summer months, the beautiful appearance and well-being of your feet becomes especially important – the feet that show from the open shoes reflect our health. Effective help for rough, dry, cracked and thickened skin is obtained from a foot bath, peeling, and constant moisturizing. You will find several products in Nurme Cosmetics product range to help keep your feet soft and beautiful.


A warm foot bath supports skin circulation and softens the skin. This makes it easier to remove old skin. To the warm bath water add Nurme Cosmetics bath truffle, which contains a lot of deep moisturizing cocoa butter, and then enjoy the bath for 10-15 minutes. In addition, you can add magnesium flakes to your bathwater, so that the relaxing bath is also useful and replenishes your magnesium reserves.

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After the bath, when your feet are soft, take Nurme Cosmetics exfoliating foot soap and use it to remove the dead skin from your heels and soles. The strong abrasive in the soap removes dead skin cells from your soles, as well as strong grass stains. Foot soap is suitable for everyday use, so your feet stay clean and soft.

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Daily regular moisturizing keeps the feet soft and prevents cracks in the skin. When moisturizing your feet, do not put cream between your toes, as this can create a humid and favorable environment for bacteria to multiply. For example, use Nurme Cosmetics nourishing hemp-sage cream. Hemp seed oil is absorbed into the deep layers of the skin and sage makes the skin truly soft

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For really dry and cracked heels, we recommend our 100% pure shea oil. Before going to bed, massage with the oil into your feet and then pull on your socks. Let the oil work overnight and in the morning your feet will be pleasantly soft.

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