What is the recipe for youthful skin? Maie, 39, seems to know it

What is the recipe for youthful skin? Maie, 39, seems to know it.

Maie meditates, climbs a mountain for the first time in a few months, runs, and breathes the Belgian air. It’s unknown if that’s the secret of her beautiful skin …

Nurme looduskosmeetika

Maie Sirel (39) moved to Belgium with her daughter Liisa and son Raid seven years ago when the father of their family got a job offer there. Maie herself had just acquired the profession of a make-up artist in Tallinn, but she decided to move to a new country, as she feels that it is important that the whole family stays together.
Until the beginning of 2020, she worked with photographers, fashion designers and production companies for several times there. This is despite the fact that her make-up work was mostly in Brussels. But Maie’s home is located 150 kilometers from the Belgian capital in the province of Manhay, which is as large as Kohila in Estonia, in a small village called Harre, where everyone knows everyone. Without exaggeration, Maie says that her strange and unconventional habits, such as swimming in an icy river, make the kind villagers turn their heads.

Despite the fact that a new life has been established far from home, she has not forgotten Estonia nor Estonian things. Thus, Nurme Cosmetics natural cosmetics, which she discovered for herself more than ten years ago, still has a special place in her heart. The affection is so great that even during her time in Belgium she has not even seen a reason to look for something new among Belgian store shelves.

“Nurme Cosmetics product range has won a special place in my heart and that is why I have not done much research on cosmetics sold in Belgium. There are certainly good manufacturers of natural beauty products here, but I have not had the need to get to know them, ”says Maie, announcing that she intends to take products close to her heart even to Elbrus – the highest mountain peak in Russia, which she will conquer this summer.

The secret of youthful skin

“I have never been to Russia nor climbed and immediately to the highest peak of this area I go,” she says, adding that she will definitely take Nurme Cosmetics magnesium oil with her to awaken her tired feet and for face care, she’ll bring shea butter and jojoba oil because despite the fact that it will be summertime, -20 degrees will be waiting for me at the top of the mountain.

jojobaõliMaie first became acquainted with jojoba oil already in 2011. She had just graduated from the Make Up Store make-up school and presented mineral cosmetics as a side job in a natural products store. “There, a client said that she only uses oils and especially praised jojoba oil. I, myself only used creams at the time, and I couldn’t think anything about the oils, but I decided to try it, because in the winter my facial skin became very dry, so maybe this will help against it, ”she recalls. Then she searched the internet for a suitable candidate and somehow Nurme Cosmetics came up on the screen.

“I bought it from somewhere, I don’t even remember where, because at that time I don’t remember Nurme Cosmetics having a website yet. In my case, jojoba oil did not give the expected result immediately, because my skin got worse – as if some kind of crust had formed on the face, as if the oil did not want to be absorbed in any way, ”says Maie. She then put the bottle on the bathroom shelf and left it there, but after a while, she remembered the woman she had met in the store saying that it might take some time for the oil to work. Maie decided to try again. “I suffered throughout the bad period, it lasted many weeks, but then suddenly my face felt soft and silky, and since then I have never wanted to use anything else. Jojoba oil somehow nourishes the skin very well and makes the complexion shine, ”says Maie. She admits that she has received many compliments about her facial skin, and she is often asked about what products she uses to make it look so good. By the way, Maie adds drops of vitamin E to jojoba oil, which are sold in pharmacies for internal use.

Vitamin E is not just for internal use

“I came up with it because various anti-aging creams have added vitamin E and I like Nurme Cosmetics philosophy: the best cosmetics are what you can also eat in peace. Based on this, I found that vitamin E drops are also ideal for externally uplifting my facial skin, ”she says. The beauty recipe created by Maie is so powerful that it has been also used by Maie’s mother’s former colleague. “My mother is now retired, this happened several years ago when I took Nurme Cosmetics jojoba oil and vitamin E to my mother’s workplace, they were left on the table and a colleague asked what interesting things she has there. My mother introduced the miracle products to her coworker and she had immediately set her foot to go buy them, ”Maie recalls. Adding that maybe the title of her make-up artist has a credible effect on people. If you suggest something, you will know that it really works.

magneesiumApart from jojoba oil, magnesium oil is also important for Maie, which accidentally caught her eye in a social media post. Being very grateful for this finding, because in the past she was always bundled with cramped legs and toes. Sometimes she couldn’t stretch herself without feeling pain in her toes. But from a post she found out that muscle cramps are caused by a lack of magnesium, which is best relieved by lubricating the problem area with magnesium oil or taking a foot bath with magnesium flakes.

“It truly has been a big help, I don’t use it quite every day, depending on how often I have trained the previous days. By the way, I also used it when I ran a half marathon (21 kilometers) in Brussels in October 2019, ”says Maie. She first patched her feet to keep them from blistering, then applied magnesium oil so the muscles withstand as long as possible. So she had a finish time of two hours and seven minutes.

From a non-runner to a marathon with a few months

“I was insanely proud of myself, I still am. There were still five kilometers to go, only then I felt like Oh my god, I can’t do this anymore, but I forced my way through these last kilometers, ”she recalls. In fact, before going to the half marathon, Maie didn’t have a long experience in running, because she had started the new hobby just a few months before the Brussels half marathon and it was in challenging conditions.

Nurme looduskosmeetika

“The surroundings of my home are very mountainous and I thought that how could I possibly run here, I could never bring myself up these hights, but a friend said that if I set a certain trajectory and schedule, it would be easier to start,” she says. So Maie started running three times a week. The goal was to cover seven kilometers each time. At first at an alternating pace, once running then walking. As much as I could each time. With a few months, she managed to run a half marathon without breaks and she plans to run a full marathon someday. When the times are better in the world again.
“In addition, I also meditate and do Soma breathing. They have also brought me closer to nature, which for me is a place where I find balance and peace and where I unload. That is why it is very natural for me that beauty care products are also natural, ”explains Maie.


Falling in love at second sight

This also explains why Maie has many favorites from the Nurme Cosmetics product range. In addition to jojoba and magnesium oil, Nurme Cosmetics soap also fits in the top three. But falling in love was not at first glance when she was first presented with a Nurme Cosmetics gift box for Christmas 2009. This was her first contact with the Nurme Cosmetics brand. “The gift contained avocado body butter and carrot soap. My first emotion was to smell the soap right away. I opened the box and was ready for a real scent innovation because otherwise most of the beauty products smell good, but naturally made carrot soap can’t have any crazy aroma, ”Maie recalls that the first contact did not make her weak in the knees. In addition, she knew only so much about washing with soap that it dries the body and then it feels like the skin is pulling itself. Maie now says that she couldn’t be more wrong about soap.

Now she can say from the bottom of her heart that the right soap does not dry out the skin, but instead takes care of the skin in such a way that, to her surprise, she gave up using body creams for a long time. “I definitely stopped using all kinds of shower gels from that day on. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have been forced to use detergents other than a simple and clean piece of soap during this decade, ”she says.

Pine tar soap keeps psoriasis under control

tõrvaseepRenee, the father of Maie’s children, who has congenital psoriasis, therefore needs Nurme Cosmetics Pine tar soap. “It’s one of the few things that can help keep his disease under control, because other products have failed. In the past, she used hormone creams obtained from a pharmacy, but their active ingredients are very strong and compared to any other product the natural Pine tar soap remained the winner, ”she explains. Maie says that as a teenager, Renee’s inflammatory skin disease went so crazy that he was hospitalized. However, the disease cannot be completely cured because it will always present in the blood and, depending on the state of health, it may or may not come out. According to Maie, stress is a big catalyst. “I don’t remember where we read it from, but we learned that pine tar soap should help because tar has an antibacterial effect,” says Maie that pine tar soap finally alleviated the problem. Now every time the family goes to Estonia, a large number of the pine tar soap are bought along.

However, Maie and her family are not the only ones who so-called “export” Nurme Cosmetics products, so to speak, because their family at home in Estonia knows that when visiting them, they must definitely bring Nurme Cosmetics soap with them.

“Mom came to visit me once and without exaggeration her suitcase was full of them, I think about 15 pieces were in her suitcase. During the security check at Tallinn Airport, when looking through the bag, she was asked what they were. My mother said that they are completely ordinary soaps that can be bought in the store, ”says Maie, but the abundance of square shapes on the screen raised questions. After that, Maie and her mother joke that when they go to visit, they must definitely bring soap to their daughter, because they are not sold in Belgium.

Jojoba oil balances the skin

näopesu seepMaie’s 13-year-old daughter Liisa and 11-year-old son Rait have not been untouched by the love of Nurme Cosmetics products. “When they were still very small, I had Nurme Cosmetics children’s soap bought for them, a nice package with flowers, if I remember correctly, but now, due to her age-specific features, Liisa washes her face with deep cleansing charcoal soap,” she explains. You can’t get rid of the bumps completely, because everyone is like that, but there is a relief. After washing, Liisa sprays her face with refreshing rose water and pumps jojoba oil from the bottle, ”Maie jokingly suggests that her daughter has no choice but to use the same as her mother. She can also say that jojoba oil is very good for acne because its pH level is most similar to human skin and therefore has a balancing effect.

Do not put the fruit in a plastic bag

Although the effectiveness of beauty products is undoubtedly important for Maie, over time their composition and sustainability have also become important. “I certainly didn’t think about these aspects some time ago. It has all come gradually, for the first time using Nurme Cosmetics soap, it was not primary for me what it consists of, but whether it works. Only after I started using it did I discover that the product is also natural and the list of ingredients is reliably short, ”she says.
As a next step, she noticed that Nurme Cosmetics products are also good for the environment, as there is not a huge pile of plastic left, which in Belgium, isn’t allowed to be thrown in the ordinary rubbish bin, or into the mixed municipal waste. Maie follows a similar way of thinking also outside her home. “When I go to the store, I don’t buy a transparent plastic bag when I buy fruit. I have reusable ones with me and I store them there, ”she says. She also buys new clothes very rarely, when nothing specific is needed. Like for example mountaineering boots, because she definitely intends to use them after going to Elbrus. Rather, she prefers to go to a thrift store or vintage shop, where she recently found a high-end jacket from the 1980s. “In my case, the expression does not apply: shop until you drop. Humanity is part of nature and it is extremely important for me to contribute to its conservation.”

“I thank you, my dear Nurme Cosmetics family, from the bottom of my heart for building a safe bridge between nature, where it is carefree and breathtaking to walk on.”

Thank you very much, dear Maie, for sharing your story with us!