Heelia Sillamaa’s experience with the Neroli facial care line

We spoke with the beautiful Heelia Sillamaa about her facial skin journey, self-care routines and experience with the Neroli facial care line. Heelia is a journalist, presenter and author who has previously shared her struggles with facial skin problems. A lot of interesting things came out during our conversation, and in addition, Heelia also gave us useful tips on facial care. Approaching skin care is an individual process, depending largely on the condition of a person’s skin, but there are still some basic knowledge that are universal. Keep reading to find out more about what we talked about!

What has been the journey of your facial skin so far?

Until my 20s, my skin was perfect. On a daily basis, I did not need any facial cream and I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that nature has blessed me with clear skin that does not need to be hidden under a layer of makeup. Soon, however, I developed severe acne and the skin on my face changed dramatically. To this day, I have not found any logical explanation for this. With alternating success, I manage to keep my acne under control but unfortunately, the skin on my face has changed permanently. Soft and clear skin has become dry and scarred skin. Inevitably, it’s also made me a lot more insecure, and now heavy makeup is pretty much my only way to feel more confident now and then.

How would you describe your skin at the moment? What are your biggest concerns?

My facial skin is dry and acne prone at the moment. The biggest concern is instability, so to speak. Although I take good care of my skin, the condition of my facial skin varies from day to day.

What is your morning and evening facial care routine and the must-have products in both routines?

Since I have busy mornings, I only start the morning with face cream. In the evening, however, I take longer care of my facial skin. I use facial cleansing foam and micellar water and then I moisturize my face thoroughly. If I have also worn make-up during the day, I start my facial care by removing the make-up. As I love trying new products, my must-haves change over time. At the moment, however, I am using the Nurme Neroli facial care line, which has all the necessary and high-quality products.

Have you also developed your own facial care philosophy that you try to follow?

Consistency is most important. No matter how tired I am, I never go to sleep with makeup on, and if I really can’t go through the entire face care routine on some nights, at least I still manage to apply face cream every night. I also know that my overall well-being and health directly affect my facial skin. So, in order to feel good and have beautiful skin, I try to spend at least half an hour in the fresh air every day and not eat too many sweets.

How do you choose products for your facial skincare? Is it important for you to use natural cosmetics?

This too has changed over the years. In the old days, it was important for me that the products were as strong as possible. I hoped that the stronger the product, the stronger the effect. In reality, however, harsh products often make the facial skin drier and can make the already delicate skin even worse. Every year, it is more and more important to me that the products I use are natural and chemical-free, because, in my opinion, it is the most natural and better for humans.

How long have you been using Neroli facial care products and how have they affected your skin? What changes have you noticed in your skin?

I have been using the Neroli facial care line for two months now and I am very satisfied with it. It is difficult for me to point out external changes because my skin is better one day and worse the next, no matter what products I use. However, I can confirm that the feeling of the skin has definitely improved with Neroli products – I feel that the skin is nicely moisturized and clean.

Which product was the biggest surprise for you?

The Neroli gentle facial cleansing foam is my favorite because applying this pleasant scented soft foam is like a spa experience in itself.

If you had to choose your TOP 3 products from the Neroli face line, what would they be and for what reasons?

The Neroli gentle facial cleansing foam, because applying this soft foam on the face is like a nice spa ritual, and the skin does not feel torn after washing.

Neroli Purifying Cream cleanser, because it does not irritate the skin, smells good, and removes make-up with ease.

Neroli Hydrating Day cream, because it absorbs quickly, doesn’t leave a heavy feeling on the skin, and keeps my face nicely moisturized throughout the day.

Which new facial care product would you most want from Nurme in the future?

I myself really like moisturizing face masks, so I will be excitedly waiting for the Nurme face mask. PS! We heard that the Nurme factory is already preparing an amazing face mask, so keep an eye on what we are doing if you want to pamper your face with a Nurme face mask in the future.

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