Shea oil saved the skin

sheaõli aroopiline dermatiit

Kaisa writes Us:

“My child has atopic skin. During the cold winter months, red, rough, itchy skin patches appear on the child’s legs which cause a lot of discomfort, especially during sleep. Going to swimming lessons made it even worse at times, only the summer sun brought relief to the problem. I read about the healing properties of shea butter and decided to give it a chance. I started a nightly routine, where I massaged Nurme Shea Oil into my child’s skin for 10 minutes. We saw great results so fast! Today I wouldn’t trade Shea Oil for any other product for my child’s skin. I ONLY used shea oil, no other creams were used at the same time. Before and after pictures are 10 days apart!”

sheaõli aroopiline dermatiitEgle writes Us:

“I recently discovered that I have developed atopic dermatitis. I got rid of it with hormone ointment, but it came back again. The other day I saw an advertisement for Nurme shea oil. I ran to the I.L.U store with my arm in burning pain and bought the oil. I put it on yesterday. And my arms are clean this morning. Wow!!!”

Previous letters have come from people who have had problems with atopic skin. Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory, itchy skin condition that causes red, rough patches on the skin. It is characteristic of the disease to proceed in waves, i.e. to recur after a certain period of time. Examples of external triggers are rough or skin-irritating clothes, cold and damp climate, but also excessively dry and hot room air, and various chemicals in both skin care products and detergents. In addition, stress, illness, food intolerances, and allergies are among the irritants.

Shea oil is like the beige gold of Africa, which helps to relieve these skin irritations and also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Shea oil is made from the nuts of the shea tree and is available in both unrefined and refined forms. Nurme shea oil is refined, i.e. cleaned of impurities and unwanted compounds. Unrefined shea oil should not be applied to irritated, burned, or damaged skin, as the product is considered unclean. It may contain, for example, sand, dust, or dirt, as the shea nuts are harvested in Ghana, where the groves are by the roadsides, and the conditions under which the locals harvest the shea nuts are unknown.

Nurme shea oil has undergone primary refining, which means that dirt is physically removed with a sieve and then the mass is processed. This DOES NOT mean bleaching or deodorizing (to remove or conceal an unpleasant smell) in a chemical way. Dominant odor and dirt are removed using a cold press method in which the shea nuts are pressed under weights, which helps expel the oil while screening out the shea nut fibers and unwanted compounds. After processing, cold-pressed shea oil has a more neutral aroma, a more uniform composition, and a light beige color, which is safer for inflamed and irritated skin.

sheaõli atoopiline dermatiit

Nurme refined shea oil is suitable for use by the whole family and for babies from their first day of life. Shea oil absorbs slowly into the skin, which ensures a longer effect. It is especially suitable for evening use – apply it to the skin before going to bed and let it relieve skin problems during the night. A rich shea and almond cream is perfect for daytime use because it absorbs faster and does not leave the skin oily. It is definitely worth noting that if a nut allergy has been diagnosed, the use of shea oil can cause a reaction.

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