Liisu’s beauty story – My new travel shampoo!

Liisu's beauty story - My new travel shampoo!

In the Estonian woman’s beauty blog (Eesti Naine Ilublogi), Liis Auväärt tried out Nurme Cosmetics lemongrass shampoo bar with lemongrass hair conditioner. Read about her experience below.

“I have very long hair and there is pure laziness behind it. Although I admire my girlfriends, whose morning ritual includes hair curling, straightening, and a bunch of hair care products, I myself would rather just get a few more minutes of sleep. I get up, comb my hair and put a pile on my head – this has been the case for years, so one of the trainees who managed the editorial mail and phone calls started calling this kind of hairstyle “Liis Auväärt’s bun”.

 Nurme looduslik sidrunhein tahke šampoon zero wasteGood shampoos and hair masks are one of the main expenses I make in the beauty sector. The ends of the hair are always rather dry and tend to break, so they need extra attention. Otherwise, it may happen that after combing I will look like a witch, who has enchanted a broom into her hair.

This time I experimented with local products. The selection included Nurme Cosmetics lemongrass shampoo bar and natural lemongrass hair conditioner. Both products are natural, so I started washing my hair with light expectations. I have happily brought natural products home before and felt good about buying them – it’s a good deed for the environment! – but the truth is that I’m also disappointed because after washing it almost seems … that the hair is not quite clean.

This time I was already happy just about the smell: both the shampoo and the conditioner smell strongly of lemongrass. The familiar aroma immediately took me to Thailand, where my favorites were lemongrass soups – spicy, sour, sweet …

Nurme looduslik sidrunhein tahke šampoon zero wasteThis is the shampoo I will buy for my future trips! There is no fear that the shampoo bottle will open in the bag and all the clothes will stick later – an accident I have experienced on my own! The shampoo bar sits in your hand like a bar of soap: you froth it up and rub it into the hair. It formed a lot of rich foam, so one wash was enough to keep me satisfied. A good discovery and also a nice feeling that it is a zero-waste product.

I used the shampoo bar together with Nurme Cosmetics natural hair conditioner, which really only has plant-based ingredients. I was pleased to say that my hair was clean and smoother. In addition, it feels good that these are Estonia’s own products.

Nurme Cosmetics shampoo bars are made without synthetic ingredients and do not harm your hair or the environment. Shampoos consist only of natural ingredients and are also suitable for vegans. In itself, it is a cold-pressed soap, but it has selected oils, ointments, and essential oils suitable for hair.

Nurme looduslik looduslik šampoon sidrunheinUsing a solid soap-like shampoo may seem a little unfamiliar at first, but after a few uses, you get used to it quickly. It is important to remember that it is the foam that washes out dirt and hair-styling product residue from your hair. If desired, also use one of the Nurme Cosmetics hair conditioners.

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