Winter skin care saviours

Winter skin care saviours

Winter is more extreme than any other season. In winter, you are often visited by troubles like rough, dry, and scaly skin and cracked lips. This is due to the fact that in winter the temperature fluctuates large, there is a lack of sunlight and the body receives less vitamins. This is due to the fact that in winter the temperature changes a lot, there is a lack of sunlight and the body receives less vitamins. Therefore, in winter, skincare must be taken especially seriously. But don’t worry, the right natural products will help you shine in any season!

Beauty begins on the inside

You affect your external beauty and well-being by what you eat and drink. During the winter, like during any other season, a balanced versatile diet is extremely important so that your body gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Drinking water is just as important – whether it’s a hot summer day or windy and frosty weather, drinking water helps to moisturize and keep the skin elastic.

Cleanse and moisturize your face

Always clean your face in the morning and in the evening, and a few times a week do it even more thoroughly. Exfoliate the skin from dead skin cells and dirt accumulated over time that cannot be removed by routine cleaning. In addition to exfoliating, it is good to use a deeply moisturizing and nourishing face mask. Exfoliation makes the skin soft, smooth and the effect of the moisturizing cream is much stronger after that.


Moisturizing your facial skin and lips is especially important in winter, as they are exposed to cold and wind the most. Moisturizing creams for the face and body should be more greasy than usual. Moisturize your face in the morning and evening. In the evening, a thicker cream may be used, and in addition, you can use a moisturizing face oil or a serum. Nurme has added several nourishing facial oils to its selection, from which you can choose your favorite: avocado oil is most suitable for mature skin, jojoba oil is especially suitable for oily skin, among other things argan oil also fights against small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

Prevent lip splitting

It is always better to prevent problems than to deal with the consequences later. The same principle applies to lip splitting. In fact, this unpleasant situation is not at all so difficult to avoid. Just keep a moisturizing vitamin-rich lipstick or lip balm on hand at all times and use it when you feel your lips are dry. It is also worth exfoliating the lips to remove dead skin cells. You can apply vitamin-rich lip balm to your lips before going to bed. This is one of Nurme’s best-selling products. It moisturizes very effectively and nourishes the lips and the skin around the lips. Vitamin-rich lip balm can be also used Nurme huulepalsamsuccessfully on already cracked lips – put a thick layer on the lips at night and with a few days your lips will get better. Our lip balms are completely natural and are also great for children. We also have men’s lip balm for guys.

Exfoliate your body regularly

Body creams could similarly be thicker and heavier than usual, body butters are the best choice for winter. Lighter body care oils, such as deep moisturizing shea body oil, can also be used as an alternative to body butter.  Also, don’t forget to exfoliate – make it a weekly beauty ritual for your body. This removes dead skin cells and allows the cream to work deeply. The benefits of Nurme body scrubs are even greater – the grapefruit body scrub as well as the sea mineral scrub both help the body expel toxins and therefore have an anti-cellulite effect. The sea buckthorn-orange scrub provides a vitamin charge and a positive energy charge after a long day.

As a rule, the same skincare products are suitable for men and women, although men usually prefer more masculine scents and sometimes their skin is a little rougher. We have developed a special product line for men, which is the best for them in terms of both smell and properties. The men’s series includes shampoo, shower gel, face cream, soap, deodorant, and lip balm.

Take care of your children’s delicate skin

Nurme beebisari

Children’s skin is delicate and requires special care. We have developed the Nurme baby series, dedicated to the skin of babies and toddlers. The baby series is odorless and consists only of high-quality organic ingredients. In winter, one of the most valued products is baby body balm. When the cold arrives, the balm can be applied to the cheeks, hands, or any other part of the body that is dry.  A few drops of organic baby oil can be added to the evening bathwater, so the baby’s skin will be moisturized after the bath. Our selection also includes baby soap, shower gel, and body lotion, as well as a wide range of gift sets for Baby Showers.

Nourish your hair

Your beautiful hair also needs more attention and care during the winter cold. One of the easiest ways to help them cope with vitamin deficiency caused by winter is to do a regular hair mask with shea oil. All you have to do is apply the oil to the roots of your hair and massage the scalp. leave the mask on for half an hour and then wash it off at least 2 times with natural shampoo. Did you know that you can also use Nurme’s natural hair conditioner as a hair mask? Apply it to damp hair and leave it on for 10 minutes. This way the nutrients and vitamins can reach from the roots to the ends of your hair. After washing, apply a few drops of coconut oil on the palm of your hand and apply it to the ends of your hair. Healthy hair ends and shiny hair are the results of taking care of your hair and giving it attention. 

Skincare is important at any time of the year. In winter, just be even more careful to prevent dry skin, flaking, and discomfort. It is worth switching to a winter skincare routine even if it is not really that cold yet, this way you can prevent your skin from getting dry and rough. So, choose your favorites from Nurme’s selection of the best winter and pure nature body care products and happily face the winter.