10+ reasons to love bar soap

10+ reasons to love bar soap

Soap is an excellent hygiene and cosmetic product, its usefulness, and good properties have served humanity for centuries. Here are some reasons why we love bar soap, and maybe we can also convince you of the goodness of bar soap.

Effective hygiene and cleaning product

It can be said without exaggeration that soap and water have saved millions of lives over the centuries. Basic hand washing helps prevent the spread of bacteria, viruses, and infectious diseases, and soap is a great and easy way to ensure cleanliness. The natural fatty acid salts in soap help to effectively remove dirt from your skin without disturbing the skin’s own protective microflora.

Minimalistically simple format

The format of bar soap (shape and form) is simple and minimalist. It is quite difficult to imagine a more minimalist hygiene or cosmetic product than solid soap. The well-known saying – there is charm in simplicity – also applies to soap. The solid format gives soap many advantages that liquid soaps and shower gels do not have.
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Easy and convenient to use

The handy and intuitive format makes soap convenient and easy to use. Using soap does not require complicated instructions, and even young children can easily use it. While with liquid detergent there can sometimes be difficulties with getting it out of the tube, with bar soap, problems like this won’t occur.

Easy to store

Due to its format, bar soap does not take up much space and is easy to store. The soap does not require special storage conditions and can be stored on a shelf or in a cabinet for years if not decades under normal home conditions.

Excellent portability

Solid soap is easy and convenient to carry. Throw the soap in a bag and take it with you, to your workout, to camp, on a vacation, or wherever you go. Unlike shower gels and liquid soap, you can also carry bar soap in your hand luggage when traveling by plane. This way you can be sure that your favorite soap is always with you.

Plastic-free packaging

Solid soap does not require complicated packaging. Most solid soaps are sold in simple recyclable paper or cardboard packaging that is easily recyclable or, in the best-case scenario, even compostable at home. In fact, soap does not need packaging at all, and there are more and more small soap manufacturers who sell their products without packaging.

Natural and organic ingredients

The soaps can be made from completely natural and organic ingredients. The natural essential oils in the soap take care of the skin’s well-being and health in a natural way. As bar soap contains a minimal percentage of water, it also does not require artificial preservatives, which are usually added to products containing water to improve shelf life. Most natural soaps are also free of artificial colors and fragrances.

Cruelty-free and vegan friendly

Soaps made exclusively from vegetable oils (ie most natural soaps) do not contain ingredients of animal origin and are therefore vegan-friendly. Natural soaps are cruelty-free – they are not tested on animals.

Environmentally friendly

Bar soap made from 100% natural ingredients is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Making such soap does not require much energy or complex ingredients and is, therefore, less burdensome for nature. Transporting solid soap requires less fuel than, for example, transporting the same amount of shower gel or liquid soap. That is because solid soap is stored in lighter packaging and contains a smaller percentage of water.

Longer duration

Compared to liquid soap or shower gel, solid soap lasts much longer because it is more economical to use. Bar soap is only needed to create foam, and soap that has just been wet once produces enough foam for washing. On the other hand, when using liquid detergents, we tend to overuse the product, which means that it runs out earlier and the waste percentage is higher.


Bar soap is an extremely versatile cleaning product. You can use the same soap bar to wash your hands, feet, face, and body, sometimes to wash your hair or even your dishes and clothes, or use it as a general household cleaning product. The oil-rich and moisturizing natural bar soap is also perfect for shaving.
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Easy and cheap to make

Making solid soap is affordable for almost everyone. It does not require special equipment or special knowledge, so it can be made quite easily at home. The ingredients needed to make soap are not very expensive and are quite easily accessible. Making soap could be compared to cooking, all you need are the right tools, ingredients, and a recipe.

Small producer friendly

Because of the fact that solid soap is easy and inexpensive to make, it is great for small producers, who usually make their products by hand and in small quantities. For consumers, however, buying soap made by a small producer is a great way to support the local economy and contribute to sustainable small-scale production.

Wide product range

Because solid soap can be made from so many different natural ingredients, it also has a really wide product range, from which everyone can choose a soap with the right ingredients, shape, color, or scent to suit their preferences. The variety of combinations is almost endless.

Hopefully, we were able to convince you of the benefits of solid soap. If not, you should try it for yourself, because your eye is the king and your personal experience is the most convincing argument.

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