Ingredients that your shampoo or cream SHOULD NOT INCLUDE

Ingredients that your shampoo or cream SHOULD NOT INCLUDE

Everything we apply to our body or hair is absorbed through the skin into our body. This applies to the use of creams, deodorants as well as various hair care products. This is also one of the main reasons why we should be particularly critical of the ingredients list of the products we use. The amount of harmful ingredients you should avoid is only increasing with time. Parabens, silicones, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, mineral oils and aluminum in deodorants have become commonplace in cosmetics and personal care products. But what makes them harmful and why should you avoid them?


Parabens are cheap and effective preservatives that can be seen in the list of ingredients in most cosmetics and body care products. Parabens are added to products mainly to extend the shelf life of the product, the most common of which are butylparaben and methylparaben. Unfortunately, parabens can cause a number of health problems, including skin irritation as well as reproductive and nervous system disorders. Several studies have also confirmed that there is a link between parabens and breast cancer.

Unfortunately, no cream is made without emulsifiers and preservatives, but we at Nurme have chosen that all the necessary additional components must be Ecocert-certified and natural. Today, there is a wide range of eco-certified preservatives, emulsifiers, and stabilizers, all of plant origin. Thanks to them, you can make a truly high-quality cream that lasts a long time, is stable, and retains its value.


Synthetic fragrances are considered to be the most allergenic in cosmetics and personal care products. Phthalates and synthetic chemicals are often used as odor stabilizers, which can affect the central nervous system as well as cause hyperactivity, irritability, and depression. Therefore, synthetic fragrances should be avoided whenever possible. As an alternative, you could use, for example, products scented with natural essential oils which do not harm health and which in addition to good odor have healing properties. ALL Nurme products get their scents from 100% natural essential oils.


Aluminum is a heavy metal that is very difficult to expel from the body. Nevertheless, aluminum is widely found in the ingredient list of antiperspirant deodorants. This is mainly due to the fact that aluminum compounds help to block the sweat glands, which prevents excessive sweating and the formation of an unpleasant sweat odor. However, long-term use of aluminum compounds in the body can be carcinogenic, as confirmed by several studies. In addition, aluminum has also been linked to nervous system disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.

As many people are looking for an aluminum-free deodorant as an alternative, Nurme came out at the end of 2019 with 100% natural and aluminum-free deodorants. Today, they are one of the best-selling products that have also gained recognition in beauty awards.


sulfaadidSulfates cause detergents to foam when in contact with water. In the list of ingredients of products, sulfates may be indicated as follows: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfoacetate (SLES), Naatrium Laureth Sulfate või Ammoniom Laureth Sulfate (ALES), Sodium Coco-Sulfate (SCS). Sulphates can be of synthetic origin as well as natural. Sulfates are found in shampoos, detergents, shower gels, soaps, and toothpaste. Most sulfates come from petroleum, but natural sulfates are also obtained from coconut and other vegetable oils. If natural sulfate is used in the product, it is usually marked on the packaging. Natural sulfates Sodium Laureth Sulfoacetate (SLES) and Sodium Coco-Sulfate (SCS) are safe and non-irritating on your skin. Therefore, the use of SLES and SCS is also allowed in natural cosmetics. Sulfates are very effective degreasers, although most synthetic sulfates remove not only grease but also the natural protective layer from the skin, causing irritation to the skin and mucous membranes. Therefore, special care should be taken with shampoos, as their sulfate content can be as high as 40%, which is an insanely high percentage, given that even 0.5% of SLS can cause skin irritation.

Nurme Cosmetics shampoos contain Sodium Coco-Sulfate (SCS), which is of natural origin and made from coconut. Unlike synthetic sulfate, natural sulfate is safe for your skin, does not irritate nor dry it.


Silicones are common additives in shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers. This is mainly due to the wetting properties of silicone. However, products containing silicone form a layer on both the skin surface and the hair, which prevents the expulsion of residues and does not allow breathing. The result can be fragile and dry skin and hair. Excessive use of products containing silicones can lead to the accumulation of silicone compounds in the liver and lymph nodes, which can cause a number of health problems. You can recognize silicones on the packaging by the following names: dimethicone, cyclomethicone, diphenylmethicone.


mineraalõliMineral oil is a residual product of odorless crude oil obtained from petroleum oil in the manufacture of petrol. The compounds derived from the mineral oil clog the pores without allowing the skin to breathe and naturally expel toxins. Mineral oils dry the skin deeply and slow down the skin’s natural vitamin D production process. With long-term use, toxins accumulate deep in the skin, rendering it lifeless and causing comedones and pimples. Particular care should be taken with dry and sensitive skin, which should never be treated with products containing mineral oil. In addition, mineral oils cause premature aging of the skin, making it dry, brittle, and easily cracked. You can recognize mineral oils in the product ingredients list by the following names: Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Petroleum, Paraffin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Petroleum Jelly.


Alcohols are divided into different types: short-chain alcohols, such as ethanol, propanol and propyl alcohol, which dry the skin, cause pigmentation and accelerate skin aging, so they should be avoided whenever possible. However, fatty alcohols have the opposite effect on the skin – making the skin moisturized and soft. These alcohols are for example ethyl alcohol and behenyl alcohol.

Nurme hand sanitizers contain alcohol as it is, unfortunately, necessary to guarantee the hygiene of your hands in a situation where soap and water are not available. However, in order to make the hand sanitizer skin-friendly, we have added plant glycerin and Pro Vitamin B5. These ensure the softness of the hands and make you feel as if your hands are moisturized. In addition, we have scented the hand sanitizers with enchanting essential oils. So after use, when the alcohol has evaporated and done its job, wonderful aromas fly into the air, leaving a wonderful scent on your hands and making you want to enjoy it again and again.

8. EDTA 

The purpose of EDTA is to make the product easy and convenient to apply. However, it is an ingredient that is very harmful for your health and has been classified by doctors as a substance that causes malformations. However, in some cosmetic and personal care products, EDTA is still used, for example under the name disodium EDTA.


looduslik kosmeetikaFormaldehyde or methanal (E240) is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent while also being one of the most dangerous to human health. Regardless of its harmfulness, formaldehyde can still be found everywhere, including in the food industry. In conventional cosmetics, formaldehyde is used in nail polishes, creams and shampoos, in addition to its preservative function in shampoos, it also has a smoothing effect. Unfortunately, it has been shown to be directly linked to the development of many cancers. Formaldehyde can also cause allergies, skin irritation and contact dermatitis, so great care should be taken with products that contain formaldehyde or methanal.


Triclosan is also an antibacterial compound that is in addition to body care products also used in herbicides. Triclosan can be found in deodorants, toothpaste, liquid soaps as well as in mouthwash. Studies show that it is a bioaccumulative substance, which means that it remains Nurme looduskosmeetikain adipose tissue and does not degrade. With continuous consumption, triclosan may cause microflora imbalance, excessively dry skin, and may promote inflammation.

Nurme Cosmetics always stands for bringing their clients only natural cosmetics, beauty products and skin care, without any synthetic fragrances, that are silicone or parabens-free, and that you can trust. Nurme Cosmetics always stands for bringin Read more about Nurme Cosmetics values HERE, and if you feel that this article was useful to you, share it with your friends.