After receiving a sad diagnosis, 29-year-old Liis-Rebecca found a solution in natural cosmetics

29-year-old Liis-Rebecca found a solution in natural cosmetics after receiving a sad diagnosis

“As a young person, you don’t think about what chemical products you put on your skin and how it affects your health,” says 29-year-old Liis-Rebecca Ojamaa, who in 2019 had a sad incentive to replace all the beauty products in use with natural products.

The decision to make a 180-degree lifestyle change

“I am a young woman who cannot get pregnant naturally. We have been trying with my partner for the last three years. But nothing. I thought that maybe it just wasn’t the right time yet, ”Liis-Rebecca recalls. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with early menopause by a doctor. This means that there are very few eggs left and they are also of poor quality. “It was as if I had gotten hit on my head. After thinking for a while, I realized that there are now two options: either bury my head in the sand or do everything in my power to improve the situation,” she admits. There is no way to create more eggs, but it is possible to improve the quality of the existing ones.

Liis-Rebecca then decided to drastically change her lifestyle so that the body would be cleansed of any toxins that could be deposited in the body when ingested or through the skin. As a result, she began to engage in meditation, fertility-promoting yoga, completely changed her diet and she decided to prefer natural cosmetics in body care because they do not contain ingredients that are harmful to the body.

The aromas became decisive

Nurme looduslik deodorant“I remember well how I wandered around the shelves of the beauty department store Tradehouse last summer and the basket was already full of things. I was still looking for a good solid deodorant because I never liked the liquid ones, ”says Liis-Rebecca. Just before reaching the checkout, she noticed the Nurme Cosmetics lemon and eucalyptus solid deodorant. “I prefer sour and citrus aromas, I sensed that lemon could be to my liking and that’s why I smelled it when passing by. And I immediately realized that this was exactly what I was looking for, ”she says, that’s how she discovered Nurme Cosmetics products for herself.

After that, Liis-Rebecca also checked out the Nurme Cosmetics soaps, which also had extremely pleasant aromas, and then she decided to put back all the products previously put in the basket and choose everything Nurme cosmetics selection. “I was wondering why should mix different products from different brands if I have found one brand that I really like. At that time, I also picked out rosemary shampoo and lavender conditioner,” she explains.

I don’t know for sure which factor became the determining factor, but a month after the new lifestyle, Liis-Rebecca got pregnant. “Unfortunately, the pregnancy failed, but I’m 100 percent sure I got pregnant thanks to all these lifestyle changes, and I was reassured of the importance that the beauty products you use, have.”

Nurme Cosmetics deodorants don’t leave marks

Before last summer, she still preferred deodorants that are full of chemicals and thought that not sweating was good, because that is the purpose of the product, right?. Now she knows that sweating is good for the body because this way the toxins get out of the body. It is important that no bad smell occurs during the process which Nurme Cosmetics deodorants can handle very well, according to Liis-Rebecca. In addition, according to her, their consistency is very creamy, but not too soft so that it would crumble.

“They are easy to apply, melt well when in contact with the skin, and are easily absorbed without leaving the underarms greasy or white. Even my partner, who is a professional athlete, praises that there is no smell of sweat after training, ”adds Liis-Rebecca. By the way, her partner’s favorite is also the lemon-scented antiperspirant.

Nurme looduslik šampoon rosmariinAnother big favorite of Liis-Rebecca is the Nurme cosmetics hair growth stimulating rosemary shampoo, which leaves the scalp pleasantly flushed after washing and does not make your scalp itchy. But also the moisturizing lavender conditioner surprised her, because even though her hair is thin, she has a lot of it, and it usually turns frizzy after taking a shower. “So far, I’ve been quite skeptical about natural conditioners – how will they make my hair smooth, but Nurme Cosmetics lavender conditioner turned out to be a very positive experience: the hair is easy to comb when wet and my hair is pleasantly soft after drying,” describes Liis-Rebecca.

In addition, in her handbag, the Nurme Cosmetics sea buckthorn-orange moisturizing hand cream and the protective lip balm can be found. Nurme huulepalsam“For a really long time, I have been addicted to lip balm – if l forgot my lip balm at home, I needed to buy a new one immediately – but now I have noticed that with Nurme Cosmetics lip balm, it is enough to use it only once a day to keep the lips moist and soft all day long, ”says Liis-Rebecca. This, in turn, confirms the fact that the beauty product that is the most affordable and colorful in the store may not actually give the promised results. Therefore, she encourages the use of natural cosmetics. “Natural products give you peace of mind that the ingredients used are of high quality and only do you good,” she says. She also received the Nurme Cosmetics Advent calendar from the elf, so more and more favorites will be coming. “I know everything sounds like a big, big praise, but everything is 100 percent true,” says Liis-Rebecca.

Thank you Liis-Rebecca for sharing your story with us!