How to get rid of daily hair washing? Read Kerli’s experience story!

How to get rid of daily hair washing? Read Kerli's experience story!

“I really don’t understand why I have endured such nonsense for so long,” says Kerli Karumaa, who admits that she had never felt clean hair before using the Nurme Cosmetics lemongrass shampoo.

No shampoo cleaned my hair thoroughly

“Even though I bought shampoos from different salons, where hairdressers recommended what would suit my hair type best, I still had to wash my head every day,” which, according to Kerli, was like a closed circle, because the more she washed her hair, the faster it got dirty. Fortunately, a year and a half ago, she happened to read a blog, where they explained which products could be replaced by natural ones and why. Kerli has always been very close to nature, but in beauty care, she has made choices based on what was advertised on TV or what seemed interesting on the store counter. Without further investigation about what ingredients do the products contain. “While reading the article, I gradually began to realize that there is no need to smear these chemical cocktails on myself if everything can be done with only using products of organic origin,” says Kerli.

Nurme sidrunheina šampoonAs she became more and more interested in natural cosmetics, she came across the Nurme Cosmetics lemongrass shampoo and, after reading good reviews, she decided to try it out. “Already when washing my hair for the first time, during the rinsing, I felt that the curls were crunchy with cleanliness, and after drying the hair was smooth, and not frizzy as before,” says Kerli. In addition, the shampoo smells good and the result remains long-lasting. She points out that although she currently wears a hat and a scarf daily, which speeds up the process of your hair getting greasy, her hair still remains clean for three to four days. This means that the product lasts for a long time and you don’t have to throw it away after the bottle is empty, because there is a much more environmentally friendly solution – a refill pack. “I love Nurme Cosmetics refill packages. The product will last almost forever and is such a big step towards improving our environment. I remember that I used to throw away a plastic bag full of plastic packaging when cleaning the bathroom, but now it has completely changed,” Kerli is happy, that she has reduced the amount of packaging waste produced at her home. 

Under the sun of Abruka Island

In addition to lemongrass shampoo, Kerli’s big favorite is the sea mineral body scrub, which she usually uses twice a week. “Even when you are applying the scrub, it already makes you feel nice and the skin is very soft after use,” she describes. By the way, Kerli recommends also use the scrub during summer, because it removes dead skin cells, and this way your tan stays on significantly longer because the pigment reaches deeper into the skin layer. Nurme kehakoorija“I spent most of summer 2020 at my country house on the Island of Abruka, where my day began with early morning fishing – we took the fishing nets out of the sea and then later I spent my time cleaning the fish outside, ”Kerli recalls that she was in the sun so much every day that her skin should have shrunk two times. But in the evenings, after washing off the dust, exfoliating and moisturizing her body with the Nurme Cosmetics carrot oil, the result was velvety smooth.

Although organic ingredients were the reason why Kerli switched to natural cosmetics, a good scent is also important for her when choosing a beauty product. “I adore natural scents because they are so genuine. I recently sniffed my friend’s cream, which smelled so synthetically, and I got scared of the thought of her using that product,” says Kerli. According to her, many of the people she knows are skeptical about how natural products can give any results at all. “I’m still trying to convince them to at least try them out because I’ve never regretted switching to natural products.”