The wrong lip balm can cause more harm than good

raviv huulepalsamAre you one of those who has dry lips during the winter season? We know exactly this awful feeling when you discover that you have left your lip balm at home. We have to admit that when this happens, we go to the first store to buy Nurme’s lip balm so that that the whole day doesn’t get ruined with dry and flaky lips. It feels amazing when you can finally moisturize your lips with Nurme’s protective mint lip balm. But why is this the case and can’t our lips moisturize themselves?

We want to tell you more about the specifics of the skin of the lips, the effect of winter weather on the lips, lip balm syndrome, different ingredients, and why it is worth preferring natural lip balm.

The sensitive skin of the lips is very thin, delicate, and vulnerable. If normally have sweat and sebaceous glands in the skin, the purpose of which is to keep the skin moisturized, then with lips it’s a different story. We have neither sweat nor sebaceous glands in our lips, nor do they produce melanin, which protects the rest of the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Lips need external support to protect themselves from intense sun, wind, dry air, and crispy cold. Reddening, burning, dry or rough lips and cracked corners of the mouth are the first signs that your lips are hurt.

nurme huulepalsamThe very first step when taking care of your lips and also the skin is definitely drinking enough water every day, consuming healthy fats and a varied diet so that the body gets the necessary vitamins. Dryness and cracking of the lips are often caused by a lack of vitamin B or vitamin A, C or E, a skin condition such as atopic dermatitis, or even an allergic reaction to a food or cosmetic ingredient. However, in the Nordic climate, with the arrival of cold weather and the usage of central heating, it is definitely worth choosing a suitable lip balm that will deeply protect, nourish and moisturize your lips. All women, men, aunts, uncles, grandfathers, grandmothers, kindergarten and school children need a good lip balm in their lives – age and gender do not play a role here at all.

But aren’t all lip balms moisturizing the lips? Unfortunately not. Often, the wrong lip balm can do more harm than good. Many lip balms contain mineral oils and other ingredients that are addictive and cause lip balm syndrome. Make sure that your lip balm doesn’t contain menthol, alcohol, camphor, phenol, and salicylic acid. The lip balm containing these ingredients usually leaves only an outer layer on the lips and does not actually act as a moisturizer and healer, but instead dries the lips even more and is addictive. This explains the times when you just applied the lip balm to your lips, but you already feel that you should put it on again because the lips still feel dry and the cracked areas do not heal.

katkised huuledTo take care and moisturize your lips, natural oils, fats, and waxes such as cocoa butter, avocado oil or beeswax should be preferred – Nurme’s vitamin lip balm also consists of these ingredients. Beeswax creates a barrier that helps moisture to adhere to the skin, keeps it from cracking, protects the lips from harsh weather conditions and also acts as an antiseptic. Cocoa butter and avocado oil nourish, moisturize and revitalize damaged lips. Vitamin E renews skin cells and protects against harmful UV radiation. This lip balm is one of Nurme’s best-selling products and is an absolute favorite of children, because who wouldn’t want Christmassy mandarin-flavored lips! Let’s hope that the elf brings a Nurme’s lip balm to everyone’s stocking this Christmas!

By using natural lip balms, you can be sure that you will not become addicted to lip balms and that your lips will receive the best care.

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