Gift guide – Christmas gifts for every type of person

Mida kinkida jõuludeksThe most fun-snowy-bright-sparkly-joyful-gingerbread smelling time is coming soon, and Santa’s gift bag is definitely waiting to be filled! We thought about making your life easier during the Christmas season, and we put together Nurme’s gift recommendations for different types of people (PS! Take them with a bit of humor, because in reality, we love everyone). In this list, you will find something for the environmental activist vegan, the alpha, the enviable rapunzel, the love of your life, the crazy sports enthusiast, the dryasdusts, and many others!

NB! The smart ones will already do their Christmas shopping now, to benefit from the crazy Black Friday sales, and this way instead of sprinting around stressful shopping malls, You can enjoy peace and quiet around actual Christmas 😉

But now moving forward, we present to You (drumroll please) The one and only Nurme Christmas gift guide that You need during this holiday season!

What to gift to: 

  1. Mida kinkida jõuludeksThe love of your life? Treat yourself with the Nurme Advent Calendar! That’s right, we’re talking about you, who else could be the love of your life? Love yourself the most, fulfill all your needs, desires and dreams, because you are worth it! The Advent calendar with a rich range of products will make you feel even better in your skin. Take care of yourself first, so that your cup starts to overflow, and then you can share your love with everyone else.
  2. The sports enthusiast? Gift them magnesium, in any form, because there is never too much of it. A sufficient amount of magnesium in the body helps relieve and relax muscle cramps, helps to speed up recovery after a workout, improves sleep quality, and facilitates falling asleep. A gift set with magnesium spray and flakes is an ideal choice for this because two are better than one. Believe us, they will be very grateful for that!
  3. Mida kinkida jõuludeksThe grumpy one? Put together a set of mood-boosting essential oils with a diffuser and make a gift to everyone else in the life of a former grumpy, because now they spread joy instead of grumpiness! For boosting your mood, mandarin, sweet orange, citronella, and grapefruit essential oils are recommended.
  4. The environmental activist? Be sure to choose something from our zero waste product range. Nurme’s motto is to produce without production residues and make the most of everything. Thus, a packaging-free mixed soap as well as a packaging-free shampoo bar were born, which are made of residues from the production of all soaps. In addition, all Nurme deodorants are packaged in environmentally friendly cardboard and we also offer our shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, and hand soaps in 1l refill packs, with which you can fill your existing bottles, to reduce the number of plastic bottles that pollute the environment.
  5. The new girlfriend? Treat your queen with the pink floral Monoi gift set so she can bloom too! The wonderful orchid scent of Monoi will take you both to Tahiti, making your body smell irresistible.
  6. Mida kinkida jõuludeksThe dryasdust?Gift them a body care gift set with hand cream and body lotion! Oh, of course, we’re talking about dry skin, and not labeling and criticizing people here. You most probably have a friend or a co-worker who is constantly complaining, “My hands are so dry and rough again.” Save their day and help them survive this central heating season with pleasantly moisturized skin!
  7. The christmas baby and the new mom? Delight them with something from our mom and baby natural product line! Even the smallest elves in the family can appreciate wonderfully soft skin, and our baby body care gift set for winter has everything you need for it. A new mom will definitely be grateful for shea nut oil, which contains vitamin E to help prevent and smooth stretch marks.
  8. Mida kinkida jõuludeksThe alpha? For God’s sake, don’t gift them anything with a fruity or floral scent, but instead, give them a proper testosterone injection with the Nurme’s men’s line! Nothing screams “I’m a man” more than a gift set with coriander-black pepper shower gel and mint-rosemary shampoo. Oh and men could also start taking care of their facial skin, so we have made sure that they can still do it the masculine way with their men’s facial care set.
  9. The “Oh, I don’t need anything” friend? Choose the Nurme gift card, because, at one point or another, there will be a time when they will need something. And at that fateful moment, the gift recipient can choose the products they like from Nurme’s product range that make him or her most happy. PS! The Nurme gift card is virtual – this way we preserve nature and save trees.
  10. The Rapunzel? Of course, the woman who won the gene lottery has to be given Nurme’s hair care products so that she can take good care of her beautiful golden locks. Choose a gift box with Nurme shampoo and conditioner, an ideal companion for her for a self-care night would be a Nurme hair oil and a next-level eco-friendly gift idea would be one of Nurme’s zero waste shampoo bars.
  11. The vegan? As an empathetic person, only vegan products, meaning, cosmetics that do not contain raw materials of animal origin and which have not been tested on animals, must be given to them. 90% of Nurme’s products are vegan, only deodorants and lip balms that contain beeswax and goat’s milk facial soap should be avoided. Follow the vegan labeling when choosing products and read more about vegan cosmetics in this blog post!Mida kinkida jõuludeks
  12. The germophobe? In fact, with the current pandemic, it is absolutely mandatory to add Nurme’s brand new hand care kits, the enchanting flowers, the citrus power and the herbal power, to Santa’s gift bag for everybody. The sets include your daily best friend hand wash and hand cream, which work together to keep your hands clean and moisturized!

We hope that these Nurme Christmas gift suggestions piled you up with great ideas and hopefully you found gifts for every member of your family, friends, and co-workers. Share the joy of Christmas with truly natural and organic body care that makes everyone feel great and caresses the body and nature.