A trichologist gives answers as to why the hair does not grow and fall out

Beautiful hair makes you shine. But when the hairs break and fall out, the concern is great and the question arises, what to do? Trichology comes to the rescue here. What is it and how is the Trichology Center (Trihholoogiakeskus) related to it, Kelly Saatmann, a senior trichologist, and a trainer will tell us more about it.

kõõm peanahal
Kelly Saatmann

Trichology is not just a word you hear every day. It can even be said that the average person will not know its meaning until they have a problem with their hair or scalp. The meaning behind this complex term is simple. Trichology comes from the Greek word trico – hair and logy – science. It is one of the disciplines of beauty care and skin diseases, its main task is to study the scalp and hair.

Trichology is needed when the hair is in poor condition, does not shine, and is brittle. The main problems of people in the Nordic countries are hair loss, dandruff, broken hair, excessive oil, and itchy scalp. But also diseases such as psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis – in some places flaky spots on oily areas of the scalp or face. However, not everything is so black and white, because genes can also play a role.

Possibility to see the hair 400 times closer

If such concerns arise, it is recommended to turn to the Trichology Center (Trihholoogiakeskus), which has two salons in Estonia. One of them is in Tartu and the other in Pärnu. In addition, there is an opportunity to get advice by sending an email and there is also an online consultation option in development. “A person simply comes to our office. Fills in a form, where they are asked about their hair washing habits and what the problem areas are. After the initial visual inspection, the scalp and hair are examined more closely with a microcamera, “says Saatmann. The cameras, which magnify 50 to 400 times, control strategic areas: the head, forehead, and neck. The customer can watch all this on the screen at the same time. “Some shout that there is so little hair, but the camera shows a very small area when magnified, so it may seem like there are only a few hairs on the head,” says Saatmann.

kõõm peanahalBased on the diagnostics, the trichologist can tell what the condition of the scalp and hair is. Even the viability of the hair follicle can be tested separately. If necessary, a single hair is pulled out, but the magnifying camera usually shows everything clearly. After the examination, each client is personally given advice on each scalp and hair care.

Do you know how dry must the hair be to apply conditioner?

After going to the trichology center, it is not worth expecting for the hair to be the same immediately after the first wash – the hair grows one centimeter a month at best, as it always does. “Restoring hair growth always takes time and you have to be patient. If shoulder-length hair has a gap in the scalp hair – alopecia, it will take more than a year for the hair to grow back the same length, ”says Saatmann. “It is worth avoiding wearing a high ponytail all the time. This tightens the skin and can break the hair. If you have to wear an updo hairstyle while working, you should give your hair time off at other times, ”says Saatmann. Also, dry hair is caused by a simple habit or rather its absence. “The conditioner is applied to wet hair and thus the product cannot be absorbed into the hair. It’s really annoying to do this every time, but at least once a week you should pre-dry your hair with a terrycloth, ”explains Saatmann. It should also be noted that the water should be cool when rinsing the conditioner, it closes the scales on the hair so that they cannot be damaged by external influences. Otherwise, it like leaving he doors and windows open and letting the pollution outside come into the room and make your hair lifeless.

juuste väljalangemineA hat is not only worn for fashion

“Every other person thinks they have hair loss. In fact, that’s not the case, and we are helping to identify what is the problem and how to treat it, ”explains Saatmann. Problems are often caused by not taking care of the scalp. “The climate affects the hair a lot and headgear is not worn in hot or cold weather. It may turn out that a person has instead damaged the scalp and hair under the blazing sun, which is why they are starting to break, ”says Saatmann.

juuste väljalangemineThere are other reasons why your hair is no longer so beautiful: stress, diet, and the use of the wrong products can also play a role. Why dandruff and psoriasis are common among Nordic people is influenced by our climate. “These diseases do not tolerate the sun, even though we have little sun. In addition, people are malnourished and there is a lot of stress. During the cold period, wearing a hat on the scalp creates a clogged environment and the product chosen for treatment may also be wrong, ”Saatmann explains that there are also two different variants of dandruff. “If there are flakes on the shoulders, it is dry dandruff. If there are greasy pieces under the nail when going through the hair, it is greasy, ”explains Saatmann.

What does a 2-euro shampoo contain?

Problems can also be caused by unwashed product or dirt accumulating around the hair follicle, clogging the area where the hair can feed and thus grow. “Most of the time, people have the wrong hair care products they use. When the scalp is clean, the hair starts to grow, ”says Saatmann. She, therefore, recommends that you carefully read the ingredients list and description of the product. Also, look around the store with a critical eye: if 250 ml of shampoo costs 2 euros, the question arises, what does it contain? Saatmann points out that, apart from the detergent and the synthetic fragrance, it cannot contain much. When using such a product, the feeling remains that the hair has been cleansed, but the hair is actually not nourished, not to even mention the scalp. “By washing such hair finally with a natural shampoo, you will first wash out any substances that have been deposited on the hair. That’s why the hair feels knotty after, but over time, the natural product can really start to work – by really nourishing the hair, ”says Saatmann. She also gives a good hint that the shampoo should be chosen according to the condition of the scalp and the conditioner according to the hair condition.

looduslik šampoonNatural ingredients are also good preventers. “Starting with tea tree oil for soothing the itchy scalp. Coconut is a good moisturizer for dry skin. Charcoal is a very good thing that works wonderfully on the skin. Plant-origin micro-peelers are also the best, ”says Saatmann. Chamomile, mint, jojoba and argan oils, which have a healing effect on the hair, cannot be left out either. “Everything is made from nature, and if you combine it with one of these suitable chemical compounds to treat a scalp or hair problems, you can get a very good combination that really works – it is not possible to make a good product without a natural or plant base,” says Saatmann.

Check out Nurme’s natural hair care products in our e-shop. You can find trichology centers in Pärnu Viiking Rehabilitation Center and in Tartu Tigutorn. Contacts and detailed information about the services offered at the Trichology Center can be found on the Trichology Center’s website.