Where is Nurme’s new skin care line?

In the spring, we shouted with great excitement that at the end of the summer, the long-awaited Nurme facial care series will arrive on the counters. Although officially there are still a few days left until the end of the summer, our mailbox is still filled with daily letters from anxious customers. Today, unfortunately, we have to announce that the Nurme face care series will not be completed by the end of the summer. So what exactly happened?

NB! Nurme’s long-awaited Neroli facial care series has arrived by now and You can check out the products HERE.

Let’s start from the very beginningNurme näohooldussari

The idea of ​​creating Nurme’s face care series has been in Marit’s mind for years. Her goal is to create a high-quality and perfect range of facial products that really work. Therefore, the preparation for its creation required a great deal of preliminary work. The biggest work started at the beginning of the year, when a product development specialist, who assesses the health safety of cosmetic products, inspects each individual ingredient, and complies with the applicable requirements, started working at Nurme. She was the one who started compiling recipes for new facial products. One product development can take a lot of time, but we set a high goal and set a goal to come up with 7 facial products at once. This means the entire product range needed for facial care – for cleansing, toning and moisturizing. For the first time, such a large team worked in our product development to achieve big goals, and our expectations kept growing.
At the same time as product development was taking place in the laboratory, we were engaged in packaging design. From Marit’s ideas, the designer put together preliminary designs, which we already compared and tested on store shelves. At that moment, it seemed that everything was going according to plan, and that is why, after considering it, on April 1, we decided to cut out the long-awaited news that Nurme’s face care series will finally reach the shelves by the end of this summer.

What to except from the new Nurme skin care series?

Nurme näohooldussariThe incoming Neroli facial skin care line contains neroli oil (from bitter orange blossoms) and passion fruit extract. Nerol essential oil has a truly exclusive and enchanting scent with many good properties for the skin. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and various extracts are also added to our facial products, which contribute to the production of skin collagen and make the skin surface smooth and even. All our products also passed dermatological tests, which means that they are suitable for hypersensitive skin. “It elevates the incoming facial care series to the level of pharmacy cosmetics and gives our customer the confidence that it is gentle and suitable for women of different ages and skin types,” says Marit.

But what happened?

Our great successes were followed by setbacks. Firstly, some of the products that were perfectly finished in the laboratory, failed the tests when we tested them in our large production machines. The biggest problem was the texture of the products, which no longer met our requirements. Secondly, our good designer, who worked with Nurme for a long time, accepted a new job offer and so the product design was not completed. Finally, there was an unexpected setback in terms of raw materials – one of the key components of the facial series was out of production and it was extremely difficult to find a replacement. Since all new stability and dermatological tests must be performed when replacing one component, you can already assume how outraged we were. In the second half of the summer we had returned to the beginning and at that moment it became clear that the face care series would not reach the counters by September.Nurme näohooldussari

Of course, we immediately started looking for solutions to all the problems that arose. We began a long and thorough search to find a replacement for an existing ingredient that was no longer available. We will soon get together with the new product designer Meelis Mikker, whose designed packaging can be found in many of our homes – for example, Tartu Mill, Kalev, and Pai smoothies. While Marit already had an idea for the product packaging of the Nurme facial care series, Meelis was engaged in the so-called fine finishing. We want our product packaging to be striking, beautiful, and luxurious on the store shelf. At the same time, it must protect the product and contain all the required product information (including 7 different translations). We can say that today the product packaging and designs have been completed, but as Nurme’s production is increasingly moving to machines due to the increase in volumes, it is still necessary to make the latest settings and test that all stickers and information are in place.
We would like to ask to have a little more patience from our good customers who are waiting for the Nurme facial care series. “We work for it every day and we promise it will be exciting,” Marit promises. At the moment, we do not dare to announce a new date when our face care series will arrive in the e-shop, but we recommend that you join our newsletter, because then you will be the first to hear about its arrival and maybe you will end up putting some products in Santa’s gift bag;)