For nature with the whole family – the story of Riina and Heiki

Before talking to Riina and Heikki, a small inventory was made in their home and it turned out that at the moment the family uses two different types of liquid soaps, two shampoos, conditioner, rose face foam, sage, and hemp body cream (two jars are open at a time – one for Riina, and the other for the husband), lemongrass essential oil, aftershave cream, face cleansing-, pine tar- and shaving soaps and three solid deodorants. Children should have lip balms somewhere, and in addition, as a reserve, liquid soap, shampoo (both solid and liquid), conditioner, hemp-sage body cream, rose face wash, monoi hand cream, and packaging-free mixed soaps are available in the closet. “It can be concluded from this that our family definitely does not have one favorite product, but there are many products that we simply can not live without,” states Riina.

Nurme looduskosmeetikaRiina, who grew up in Lääne County and Heikki from Võrumaa, are united by an interest in history, and this interest brought them together in Haapsalu Castle 10 years ago. Riina is currently pursuing a doctorate in history at Tallinn University, and Heiki has also been interested in history since childhood. Heiki is a carpenter-restorer by profession and is engaged in the restoration, conservation of old wooden buildings and objects, and production of replicas.

Heiki was a first-year student in the Academy of Culture when they met Riina and so the Läänemaa girl moved to Viljandi for a while. However, this is far from all, after graduating from the Academy of Culture, the couple moved to Hiiumaa, because Heiki got a job at Hiiumaa Vocational School. “I was doing my graduation thesis when I received an offer to apply for the position of a headteacher in the restoration of wooden and stone buildings. I put together my CV because there was no definite plan after graduation. I forgot about the job offer until two weeks later, a letter came that they want to interview me. I went and afterward, it turned out that I had been accepted and told to come to Hiiumaa, ”Heiki recalls that he had never been to Hiiumaa before. “I thought that if Hiiumaa, then Hiiumaa and so I went to teach a specialty that I didn’t know very well. But, as history has shown, when you have to teach something to someone else, that’s how you start to study things in depth. In total, I taught there for about five years until I started my own company, ”says Heiki.

At first, Riina and Heiki lived in a rental apartment with their family, until during a car drive they saw a sign “Farm for sale” and they went to see it. They immediately liked the house so much that they quickly got their hands on a mortgage at the bank. According to Heiki, this is a 150-year-old farm complex with a barn, a granary, a magnificent stone-laid cellar, and a smoke sauna in the yard. “This is my test base, where I can try solutions – that’s how the work has been done all the time and I can tell the customer whether it works or not,” Riina adds that there are no long potato furrows in the country. “Living in the countryside doesn’t have to mean a greenhouse with tomatoes and endless garden plots. Taking care of the garden requires time, both to keep it in order and to preserve and store the produce, ”Riina refutes stereotypical thinking. Riina knows from her own experience that she will not get bored with two children. “At the moment, it can be said that I am a full-time taxi driver. In the morning, I drive my daughters to school and after to music school or training, where I wait until their lessons are over, ”she describes. She reads some storybooks as a pastime.

A family of four is also one of the reasons why Riina likes Nurme products.

“The first memory of Nurme Natural Cosmetics dates back several years when Nurme had a small sales counter at the Estonian Open Air Museum. At that time, the sales counter was still small, but for some reason extremely attractive. I don’t remember exactly why, but if my memory serves me correctly then that was the moment when my husband and I fell in love with the Nurme pine tar shampoo bar and with the idea that shampoo doesn’t necessarily have to be liquid. Today, Nurme shampoos and body washes are liked by the whole family, and thanks to that, I don’t have to keep an eye on the different nozzles to see if they are already getting empty,” says Riina.vitamiini huulepalsam

“When the children were younger, they really liked the foaming soap and lip balms. I remember once bringing a personal lip balm to my smaller child, which, during one morning, she was able to apply the full tube of to herself, ”says Riina. When she asked why her daughter did this, she replied that it smelled and tasted good, and that alone could alleviate the pain in her broken lips. “The next tube of lip balm was brought by an elf and this one lasted for a little longer than just one morning,” says Riina.In addition to being large users of Nurme’s products themselves, Riina and Heiki have also gifted Nurme products to relatives and friends. “During the last Christmas, we put several sage-hemp body creams and various shampoos in gift packages. One person’s feedback on the body cream was very nice because they admitted that they had never used Nurme products before, but this body cream is so good that they definitely want to try it again, ”says Riina. “I myself am very happy that gift cards are now also available in Nurme e-shop. This is a good opportunity to give joy to those for whom you can’t really choose products. For example, to a children’s class teacher who appreciates closeness to nature, but for whom we didn’t know exactly what to get for. ”

By the way, a few years ago, Riina and Heikki were visited by guests with whom they went to the smoke sauna. “A friend asked, wondering how the sauna water drainage does not smell bad and when looking from the outside, it’s impossible to tell where the sauna water outlet pipe is. We then came to the joint conclusion that the only explanation is that we use carefully selected body care products aka Nurme products, ”explains Riina. After that, the guest was convinced that they should also start choosing the products used in the sauna more carefully.

Coriander and black pepper hand soap invites you to wash your hands

KätepesuseepRiina also remembers rare visits when visiting the Nurme store in Sikupilli shopping center in Tallinn before going on the bus to Hiiumaa. “I remember that once I got to talk to the seller and they said that a lot of people ask for liquid soaps, but at that moment Nurme did not produce them. At present, Nurme has several liquid soaps in production, and honestly, what’s there to hide – we have them all at the moment, ”says Riina. Riina once put Nurme hand washing soap with coriander and black pepper in the kitchen. “I discovered that for some reason Heikki started washing his hands in the kitchen, although the location of the bathroom is much better. I asked him what had changed, and he said that he doesn’t know exactly, but I like something, ”talks Riina about Heiki, who also has not been capable of escaping Nurme products.

Heiki can’t point out exactly what is important to him in the case of self-care products, but he immediately recognizes a good product. “I take a shower every day because of the dusty work and at one point I washed my head with Nurme shampoo. The next morning I passed the mirror and looked at it and thought wow – my hair doesn’t look like I’m a dying artist – every hair strand poking out in a different direction, ”says Heiki.

The second thing he remembers is about the time he stayed at the construction site in Southern Estonia and spent the night in accommodation where all things were available – including washing products. “I used the shampoo there and rinsed and rinsed, but I still felt that I had product in my hair. At least it felt like I couldn’t get the product out. In addition, I had to go to the window to ventilate because the smell was so intense. At that moment, I thought, where is my Nurme shampoo, ”says Heiki. Then he admits that Estonians still know what Estonians like, both in terms of smell and active ingredient. And also points out that a man will start using certain self-care products thanks to their wife.

“In most cases, women will be smoothly responsible for this area at home. Which makes perfect sense when you look at the different approaches of men and women. The man goes to the store and looks at the picture of the product and puts it in the basket. The woman takes the product and reads what’s inside, ”explains Heiki. Heiki himself may not follow the labels on the bottles, but he agrees with Riina that we must act as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. “We have 8 hectares of forest, which is just a bush in the eyes of timber traders, but they would still like to buy it. We have refused it because I want my children to grow up in nature, ”says Heiki.