Shampoo bars are worth a try!

Solid shampoo is worth a try

Are you used to seeing a plastic bottle of shampoo and conditioner in your bathroom, and using a shampoo that looks like soap seems a little strange at first? Completely understandable! Every new thing needs some time to get used to. In the Nurme Cosmetics family, we have become real fans of solid shampoo and we also recommend that you try this innovative hair washing method. Solid shampoo is actually a rising trend in the world of hair care. It makes our hair wonderfully silky and is good for the environment around us. In addition, this product is extremely convenient for people who travel a lot.

The basis of everything is pure nature 

Tahke šampoonNurme Cosmetics shampoo bars are made without synthetic ingredients and do not harm the hair nor the environment. Shampoos consist only of natural ingredients and are also suitable for vegans. Simply put, it is a cold-pressed soap, with added oils, ointments, and essential oils that are suitable for hair. Like soap, the solid shampoo has a Ph of about 7-9, but you don’t have to worry about that. Alkaline Ph ensures that the shampoo does not require a preservative and the Ph of the scalp is actually balanced with hair conditioner. As it is a washable product, during washing, the solid shampoo cannot affect the pH of the scalp to such an extent that it causes problems.


Tahke šampoonThe packaging of our shampoo bar is made of paper and it is easily recyclable. The picture shows 12 shampoo packages – all of them together make a chunk, that is only 1.6 cm thick. This is the amount that is used throughout the year if used very diligently. Now, for comparison, imagine the amount of plastic that comes with the liquid shampoo bottle in 1 year. We believe that every little thing that is good for nature is important and plays a role.

Irreplaceable for traveling

Have you experienced the annoying hass that liquids bring when traveling with hand luggage? How can I bring all of my hygiene products with me and how to pack them? Are all of my bottles the right size? Maybe you have had to say goodbye to some of your products at the airport security check. Solid shampoo is like a magic tool that solves all these concerns. As the name of the product says – it is not a liquid but a solid product. Transporting a solid product has no restrictions and in addition, it takes up very little space in luggage. It’s good to keep in mind that with a solid shampoo it is also possible to wash your whole body and even do your laundry.

How to use this new product?

Using a solid soap-like shampoo may really seem a little unfamiliar at first, but after a few uses, you get used to it quickly. It is important to remember that foam is what really washes out the dirt and the hairstyling product residue from your hair. It’s unbelievable how foamy a solid shampoo can get! Rub a piece of shampoo on your hair until your hair is nicely foamy. Start at the nape of your neck, continue to the scalp and finally rub the ends of the hair. If at first, it seems that the foam does not want to form in any way, add more water and rub. You may be surprised at the luxurious and rich foam that comes from the solid shampoo! Then massage the scalp and rinse the shampoo thoroughly under running water.
Tahke šampoon

When starting with a shampoo bar, at first you can wash your head two times in a row so that your hair is sparkly clean. To confirm- it does not damage your hair! Whether your hair is dyed and chemically curled or natural and untreated, plays a role in the formation of foam. Usually, hair gets used to solid shampoo with 2-3 washes. Don’t give up now! It’s worth it! If desired, you can also use one of the Nurme Cosmetics hair conditioners.

Good tip!

For untreated hair, the conditioner may not be even needed. However, if you still feel the need, we have an environmentally friendly hair conditioner recipe for you. Hair conditioner is also necessary to balance the PH of the scalp.

Do it yourself hair conditioner

1 teaspoon citric acid
250ml of water

Mix it in an old spray bottle and spray directly on the hair and rinse immediately.
This recipe is also good for traveling because you can bring the citric acid and the bottle with you. The water can be added at the travel destination.
Homemade hair conditioner with citric acid is very well preserved at home and can be safely stored in the bathroom.