Interview with four girlfriends united by the love of natural cosmetics

Since it’s Friends’ Month, we interviewed four girlfriends – Hannaliisi, Kaisa, Silvia and Brenda, who are also co-workers and part of Nurme’s marketing team. We took a closer look at how they got to Nurme’s natural cosmetics, what are their favorite products, which regular beauty products they switched with Nurme products, and other exciting things. Grab a cup of hot tea and read their stories. Maybe you can get inspiration to try something new!

  • How did you find your way to Nurme natural cosmetics?

nurme tootedHannaliis: I was aware of the Nurme brand before, but had not tried their products before working with them. I wrote to the Nurme team a few years ago because I highly value environmentally friendly products and Estonian products. That’s where our long-term marketing cooperation started, during which I have had the pleasure of experimenting with different products and I have found permanent favorites that I use every day.

Kaisa: Also through work – I had heard of Nurme, but I did not have faith in Estonian natural cosmetics. If you come into contact with these products all the time, read about them, admire the pictures, then also curiosity will come. Later I found out that my mother had actually tried Nurme’s products and I also noticed Nurme’s castor oil in my girlfriend’s beauty products – so there were still some connections from here and there.

Silvia: I found my way to Nurme also thanks to my co-workers. We started to make a joint order and I looked at who ordered what and also ordered different products for testing.

Brenda: Ten years ago, I switched from regular cosmetics to natural cosmetics, and that’s when I also learned about Nurme. If I remember correctly, one of my first Nurme products was a hemp oil shampoo bar, which I took with me on a trip to Bali. Since then, I have received various products as gifts and bought and tried them myself.

  • What are your favorite Nurme products?

nurme tootedHannaliis: Grapefruit body scrub and grapefruit candle.

Kaisa: Vitamin lip balm and shea almond cream.

Silvia: Facial foam with rose hydrosol.

Brenda: My absolute favorite is the rich shea almond cream.

  • What makes these products special for you?

Hannaliis: Both products have such a juicy and real scent. The grapefruit body scrub leaves the skin very silky and soft and lasts for a very long time. In addition to the smell, I also like the packaging of the grapefruit candle – it looks very good and the screw-on cap is convenient if you don’t want to burn more candle.

Kaisa: Vitamin Lip Balm has been the ONLY lip product that really keeps your lips soft in the winter. It was also the product that aroused my curiosity the most – first of all, the amount of positive feedback on this product – and I immediately thought that how good could a lip balm really be to get that many good reviews? I was really delighted from the first try and that’s how they also found their way to everyone’s Christmas packages – my whole family, friends, and life partner are now as big fans as I am!

I honestly like the shea almond cream because of the packaging – it’s such a nice size, it fits in a handbag, it really moisturizes, and has a good neutral smell. I use it at the moment during the winter and it doesn’t leave my hands greasy, but at the same time, my hands are super soft.

Silvia: The rose facial wash removes makeup thoroughly without having to scrub your delicate facial skin with a cotton pad. That’s what I like very much! In addition, this facial foam has a nostalgic scent for me and reminds me of my childhood.

Brenda: I could no longer imagine my life without the shea-almond cream. I really like that it is very moisturizing and leaves my hands super soft for a long time. It is especially ideal for winter when the hands are extra dry and the skin tends to crack. Oh, and the most important part, as Kaisa also said, shea-almond cream doesn’t make your skin greasy but it absorbs nicely into the skin, so later the whole kitchen surface, your phone, and computer won’t be full of greasy fingerprints. Another bonus is also the delicate and pleasant almond scent.


  • Which previously used product did you replace with Nurme products?

nurme tootedHannaliis: I have replaced my shampoo and conditioner, a special favorite is the lemongrass-scented set. I also exchanged my old random deodorant for Nurme’s nature-friendly one.

Kaisa: Before Nurme’s lip balm, I had at least 4 different lip balms at once – generally just some random ones that I put in my basket at the grocery store. I have no intentions of going back to them – I have realized how important the composition and naturalness of the product are. A good shower gel is also one of the products I had been really looking for for years. So I decided to try something from Nurme’s product range – I was fascinated by the combination of coriander and black pepper, so I immediately ordered a refill pack so that it would last longer and I wouldn’t have to buy new bottles all the time. The refill pack is surprisingly long-lasting, I believe it will easily last me for half a year, probably even longer (and we even share it with my partner).

Silvia: I had been using L’oreal Paris Skin Perfection make-up remover since the early years of my high school and for about 10 years now, and knowing that L’oreal is not the most nature- and animal-friendly brand, I kept looking for another product instead, but I somehow always ended up with the same makeup remover. And one of the main reasons for replacing the product was that the cotton pads ran out at home and I had just ordered Nurme’s rose facial cleansing foam to try it out. I am very happy about that and finally, L’oreal became a history for me.

Brenda: In the past, I used all sorts of different hand creams, none of which could keep my hands moisturized long enough. The Body Shop cannabis hand cream came closest to it, but it wasn’t the best choice for me in terms of the ingredients. So I replaced it with Nurme shea almond cream and I sincerely hope it will be produced for the rest of my life because it’s the best cream ever.

  • What other Nurme products do you recommend?

nurme tootedHannaliis: Nurme shaving soap bar has been added to my weekly routine. In winter, the Rich Sea Buckthorn+Orange Cream is irreplaceable for me and, of course, the above-mentioned scented candles, which create a particularly cozy mood.

Kaisa: Candles! Magnesium oil has also been life-changing, I spray it on my feet before going to bed and sleep is really much better and my leg pain is relieved. I would now also like to order magnesium flakes to make a foot bath.

Silvia: I recommend the organic lemongrass body lotion and the sea mineral body scrub! I have VERY dry skin, but using these two products together makes my skin better. Next, I plan to order the ultra-moisturizing shea body butter, because I have heard that it is one of the best and most effective moisturizers.

Brenda: I have used so many different products, but year after year the products that I have repurchased the most are the sea buckthorn-orange body milk and mint lip balm. Lately, the best surprises have been the rosemary shampoo and conditioner, I immediately bought refill packs and I am very satisfied. Such a nice wild smell it washes the hair well.

Many thanks to Hannaliis, Kaisa, Silvia and Brenda for sharing their suggestions and stories! We had a great time interviewing them and we hope you enjoyed reading their stories. You can find your girlfriends’ favorite products here: