3 reasons why we love Nurme shampoos and conditioners

3 reasons why we love Nurme shampoos and conditioners

At Nurme, we value living in harmony with nature and believe that the ability to listen to our body and offer it the best is important for a happy and active life. But what is best for our hair? Read more about Nurme shampoos and conditioners that have won the hearts of so many Estonians.

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We love Nurme shampoos and conditioners because…

  1. … they are 100% natural and environmentally friendly!nurme šampoon

Nurme shampoos and conditioners are based only on raw materials recognized by eco-certificates, containing only plant-based ingredients. That is why they are gentle on your hair, skin and the whole environment. The gentle surfactants in our shampoos form a creamy foam and do not damage your scalp. The aromatherapy properties of shampoos come from natural extracts and natural essential oils, which have a healing effect on both your body and mind. In addition, Nurme shampoos are enhanced by Pro Vitamin B5 and wheat protein, which support your hair in many ways from root to ends. Pro Vitamin B5 helps to reduce various hair damage and broken ends, but wheat protein helps to strengthen hair, stimulating hair growth and making hair beautiful and fluffy. The essential oils in shampoos and conditioners also have a role to play, providing not only healing properties but also a truly relaxing aromatherapy experience, making washing your hair particularly enjoyable.

Although we love the zero waste lifestyle and value environmental sustainability, unfortunately, shampoo and conditioner cannot be sent without packaging. Therefore, all Nurme shampoos and conditioners are packaged in recyclable plastic packaging or large refill packs, and solid shampoos are packaged in paper packaging. Thanks to the refill pack option, you don’t have to throw away your favorite shampoo bottle after it’s empty, but instead, you can buy a refill pack to conveniently fill an existing bottle at home. This way, you can easily reuse your plastic bottle, which in turn means more product, a cheaper price and a much lower packaging cost! This makes it much easier for you to be a bigger nature friend with Nurme.

  1. …because our hair stays clean longer because the products do not contain excess additives

nurme šampoonOften, the additives in various hair care products make the hair heavy and the scalp quickly oily. For example, silicones leave a layer on your scalp and hair, which makes your hair smooth but does not allow it to breathe at all. In this way, there is a constant need to wash our hair, while daily washing tends to do the hair a disservice, as our sebaceous glands become more and more active, producing more and more oil. To get out of this seemingly hopeless vicious circle and get rid of everyday head wash, we recommend choosing a chemical-free natural shampoo that does not put too much strain on your hair. A good choice is, for example, a natural shampoo with a citrus undertone with lemongrass, which is perfect for easily greasy hair, regulating the blood circulation and sweating of the scalp, thus helping to gradually get rid of daily head washing. Nurme Lemongrass Shampoo contains only natural lemongrass essential oil and no harmful chemistry.

3. … because we have got rid of our scalp problems.

Dandruff and scaly scalp are quite common problems for many of us, causing constant discomfort and thus significantly interfering with the quality of life. However, we have hidden the richness of herbs in Nurme’s natural shampoos and conditioners, which take care of your scalp gently and without chemicals, effectively making dandruff and itching go away! So what is the phenomenon of Nurme shampoos and conditioners?nurme šampoon

Powerful essential oils and the power of plants

Nurme natural shampoos do not contain harmful chemicals and contain only natural ingredients to provide the best for your hair. If you are struggling with a problematic scalp, be it dandruff or flaking, rosemary and tea tree will help. Rosemary-enriched shampoo and conditioners relieve dry scalp problems and are considered by users to be one of the best hair cleansers in the fight against dandruff. Due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, rosemary soothes itchy scalp, helping to reduce dryness and flaking of the skin, gently cleansing the scalp and making hair healthy and strong. Tea tree, which is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory like rosemary, also helps to take care of problematic scalp, helping to destroy harmful bacteria, fungal diseases and being a powerful opponent against dandruff.

However, in case of redness and sensitivity of the scalp, lemongrass solid shampoo with a pleasant citrus scent comes to the rescue, which has a wonderful effect on the hair, making it shiny and also taking care of the scalp. In addition, lemongrass successfully regulates the secretion of sebum from the skin, thus keeping the hair clean longer. However, if you are bundled with hair loss, you will find relief in Ylang-ylang, which enriches the shampoo to help reduce hair loss and balance dry scalp.